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Animation visual editor for all website platforms

Generates GSAP Scripts without coding skills with animation visual editor. Litemove has Wordpress Plugin and SaaS version for other platforms and Web Apps (ReactJS, Vue, Angular).
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Enhance your website's visuals with Litemove's dynamic features

Scroll Smoother

Enhance your website with smooth motion effects while scrolling, creating a lively and immersive experience for your viewers.

Split Text

Divide the text into separate parts and apply motion effects to each part. With this, you can create captivating effects that showcase individual words, lines or characters on your website.

Pin Elements

Enable the ability to pin an element on your website as the user scrolls. This feature allows you to effortlessly pin images or videos, ensuring they remain visible throughout the scrolling experience.

Scroll Trigger

Incorporate captivating motion effects on elements as the user scrolls through the page.

Reveal Text

Display text or images in a way that gradually reveals them, often used to introduce new features on the website.

Click, Hover Trigger

Trigger motion effects when users click or hover on an element on the website. You can create engaging zoom-in or zoom-out effects that activate when a users click, hover on an element.

Generates GSAP Scripts without coding skills

With Litemove , you only need to work on the visual editor; no coding skills are required. Based on your demands, the app will generate GSAP codes for you to add to your sites.
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Pricing plans

Explore Litemove's pricing plans and discover the right option for your website's animation requirements, from basic features to advanced customization.

5 sites

Advanced animation features
/ yr
Per year, per an account
  • 20% discount for other products
  • WP Plugin + SaaS
  • All features
  • 5 projects (domains)
  • Premium Support
  • 14-days refund guarantee

10 sites

Animations to the next level
/ yr
Per year, per an account
  • 20% discount for other products
  • WP Plugin + SaaS
  • All features
  • 10 projects (domains)
  • Premium Support
  • 14-days refund guarantee

Unlimited sites

Unleash your creativity
/ yr
Per year, per an account
  • 20% discount for other products
  • WP Plugin + SaaS
  • All features
  • Unlimited projects (domains)
  • Premium Support
  • 14-days refund guarantee


Does Litemove offer various device modes? How about mobile, tablet?

Yes, Litemove offers various device modes to accommodate your work

How does Litemove generate the underlying code for the animations? Is it optimized and efficient?

Litemove generates minified and optimized GSAP scripts, ensuring no impact on loading speed.

What kind of support is available for users if they encounter any issues or need assistance?

For assistance, you can always reach out to us through our support systems. Please refer to our Support Policy for more information.You can always contact us from our support systems, please refer this Support Policy

Can I add my codes to customize the animation effects?

Litemove offers numerous customizable fields for entering custom codes for effects.

Are there any limitations on the number of animations or effects I can apply to a single webpage?

With Litemove, there are no limits—let your imagination run wild.

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