Webflow – Use images or icons instead of source links

After successfully transferring data from ClonewebX to Webflow, you will discover that both the Image and Icon widgets/elements still maintain their source URL links intact.

The images and icons in the Webflow front-end are not displaying properly and appear to be broken.

  • Situation 1: You can manually replace these images/icons with your own.
  • Situation 2: To use these images/icons without relying on the source domains, you need to upload them to your server.

Our solution provides a comprehensive guide for achieving this.

Automatically upload images, icons, fonts to your Server

Video Tutorial

Enable API Token

In Webflow dashboard, access “Settings” of your specific site

Then clicking on “Apps & Integration” -> API Access -> Generate API Token

Assign a name for API Token, and adjust parameters of Pemissions as below:

  • Assets: Read and write
  • Sites: Read-only

-> Generate token

You promtly get the API token code -> copy it

In ClonewebX Panel

Enable the “Upload imagtes to assets” feature -> paste the API Token here.

You only need to fill it out once for each project.

-> Afterward, keep copying your aim data.

Pasting data

From Webflow Editor, you can easily paste it into your editor by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + V.

When clicking on images, you would recognize that they were automatically uploaded to your server.

Right now, you can either replace these images/icons manually or upload them automatically using this solution.

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